About us


OMT Srl is a dynamic company that can meet today's complex demands and the new challenges of global competition. It is the ideal partner for customers with increasingly specific and sophisticated requirements. A continually changing market and rapid technological development call for constant focus on innovation. Our team of engineers is dedicated to seeking new technical solutions for new types of product. The company has two divisions, one handling the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures, bulb sockets, switch disconnectors and accessories, the other pressure die-castings.

Quality standards

A superior standard of quality and an open, direct relationship with the customer are the key factors on which the company’s technical team focuses in developing an innovative solution each time. OMT products stand out for their quality, reliability and long life. The Company works on the basis of a Quality System compliant with the ISO 9001/2000 Standard. The system has been certified since 1999 and makes the control of all activities affecting the quality of the product possible. OMT products comply with the directives in force as well as with quality standards and are certified by third parties like IMQ, VDE and UL.

Electric materials with a nominal voltage from 50V to 1000V with alternating current are subject to the Low Tension Directive and must therefore have the EC marking in order to freely circulate in EU countries. This marking, applied by the producer, guarantees the compliance of the products with the minimum requirements provided for by the pertinent standards. Articles certified by recognized approval bodies are obviously a guarantee of compliance in themselves. Our items are not subject to the EMC Directive concerning electromagnetic compatibility as, being passive components, they do not produce emissions and are not affected by electromagnetic disturbances.

OMT’s mission is to design and supply tailor-made products, developed with an eye to detail, highly functional and designed to meet evolving market requirements.


Founded in 1973, OMT Srl quickly made a name for itself thanks to exclusive know-how, continuous innovation and the quality of its products and services. The company started out by producing small metal components and aluminium and brass alloy castings. Later on the business was extended to include an area devoted to the design and production of bulb sockets. OMT is currently going through an important stage in its evolution, aiming at product innovation to open up new markets. Proof of this is its new image as a modern, forward-looking, high-tech company that has acquired invaluable expertise in its lengthy past.