High-pressure die-castings

OMT makes aluminium and brass high-pressure die-castings with various grades of finish – deburring, sanding, trimming, vibration tumbling, drilling and threading, NC machining and painting.
OMT works with the customer’s dies, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality. The design of the parts entrusted to us is analyzed by our technicians, who use CAD-CAM software to develop the various stages of production. The use of computer systems and a close-knit technical team gives reliable dies with an exceptionally long life and high output. OMT always aims at supplying products of a verifiable and consistently high standard of quality.

The company has its own fleet of 150ton, 300ton, 320ton, 500ton and 750ton pressure die-casting machines, as well as equipment for radioscopic analysis of the parts.

Die construction and maintenance

OMT can design and build dies thanks to invaluable know-how acquired over the years, especially in the lighting industry.
OMT performs die maintenance in the tooling workshop, using NC milling machines and electrical discharge machines. It also conducts diagnostic tests jointly with subcontractors equipped with state-of-the-art instruments guaranteeing a competent, all-round service.