2010: new packaging

The corporate identity of OMT has been made more complete by the creation of new product packaging. The logo of the company stands out on the packaging thus becoming a graphic design as a means of advertising our product. Through the packaging of its products OMT highlights the quality of its products and shows the integrated management of all development aspects.

2009: new articles for G9, GU10 and GZ10 caps

OMT presents new lamp-holders with G9, GU10, GZ10 connections for lamps operating with mains voltage. The products are shown in the catalogue and can be viewed on our company web-site. The present range will be shortly integrated by other accessories (also on specific customer’s request).

2009: new article 014/XX

A new bulb socket with a PGZ12 base suitable for PHILIPS® COSMOPOLIS® bulbs.

2009: 400V switches

A renewed range of 400V switch disconnectors - series 0130, 0131, 0132 - with enhanced technical features

2009: new products

OMT has developed a series of new products that will be coming out shortly:

  • a new bulb socket with a E40 base, with 37mm central contact distance and a new locking calble system
  • a new bulb socket with a PGZ18 base
  • further additions to the range with sockets for discharge and mains voltage bulbs

2008: new article 0113/H

OMT has added to its catalogue art.0113/H, an E27 bulb socket with a new thermoplastic clip.

2008: OMT celebrates 35 years of activity

This year OMT Srl celebrates 35 years of activity, marked by ongoing development, acquisition of expertise, continuous innovation, quality and efficient organisation that have enabled the company to work alongside major groups and businesses in the lighting industry.
This is a highly significant time to celebrate what the company has achieved so far, and to remember and acknowledge all those who, with their deep commitment and forward-looking approach, have contributed to this success. OMT is ready to tackle today's challenges by investing in continuous innovation and research, the development of new product technologies and a renewed approach to communication - all actions geared towards internationalisation.

2008: new corporate image

To celebrate 35 years of activity OMT has completely revamped its image in line with its new outlook. The new corporate identity is based on the logo, a fundamental element in communicating the brand name. It has not just been restyled, by touching up the previous symbol, there has been a strong, decisive makeover. The new-design image marks a new season which, benefiting from a successful past and excellent achievements, is aiming with determination at new horizons in terms of specialisation, product innovation based on high-tech components, and more widespread internationalisation. There is also a new design for the website where the company's full range of products can be viewed.