Disconnecting switches are designed to automatically disconnect inside wiring from the mains supply in lighting fixtures. This allows quick and safe maintenance of the installed fixture. They are made up of a female terminal strip (plug), fed by the mains supply and fitted to the fixed part of the fixture, and a male terminal strip (socket) fitted to the opening side. The internal wiring is generally a derivation of the female terminal strip which is always equipped with suitable terminals. The customers can choose to have the connection terminals also on the male terminal strip, if required. When the fixture is opened for cleaning purposes, the switch disconnector automatically cuts off the mains supply, even when the operator has not opened the circuit.

Switches with quick connection

Besides acting as an automatic switch disconnector as described above, the connector on the inside wiring side via the plug/socket system allows the electrical appliance to be replaced quickly when required without the need for any tools. They are available by shunting from either the female or the male terminal strip.


SERIES 0125 two-pole disconnecting switch  

SERIES 0126 three-pole disconnecting switch  

SERIES 0127 two-pole disconnecting switch + earth  

  • Series 0125 and 0126 are suitable for installation in Class II lighting fixtures.
  • All the variants with a cable clamp can be used to tighten 8.5 and 14mm diameter cables.
  • Each series can be combined with a suitable push-in connector on the inside wiring.



- Nominal voltage: 250 V
- Nominal current: 16 A (10 A on request)
- Max. ambient temperature: 120°C
- Terminal connection capacity: 0.5 ÷ 4mm² (0.75 ÷ 6mm² on request)


  • 6.6 polyamide body reinforced with 25% fibreglass reinforcement and self-extinguishing class V0
  • Female contacts made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze foil
  • Male contacts made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze foil, shaped and reinforced with plastic filling
  • Standard under-head screw cable clamp terminals with galvanized screws and nuts (0.5 ÷ 4 mm²)
  • Nickel-plated brass 075 ÷ 6mm² bush terminals on request, only available with a female terminal strip


Tests on the risk of accidental insertion have been performed with satisfactory results, within the tolerances specified in the installation instructions.


Layout and assembly diagram
for disconnecting switches
series 0125, 0126, 0127

Layout and assembly diagram
of 2- and 3-pole connector for
disconnecting switch

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