art. 065/XX


art. 065/XX

With straight clamping flange.
/XX Length of the leads in centimetres to be agreed with the customer

Assembling distance:
The distance indicated must be strictly observed. Each individual lampholder must be firmly supported in order to guarantee that the springs exert the required pressure on the contacts.

Technical data:

  • Die-cast aluminium body
  • Contact holder bushing made of ceramic
  • Stainless steel pressure spring
  • Standard connection cable: silicone rubber/fibreglass insulation (Max. T 180C°) length: cm25 section 1 mm ². Other leads available on request
  • Nominal voltage: 250V
  • Current voltage: 10A
  • Maximum nominal working temperature: 300°C
  • Impulse withstand category: III
  • Weight: 33 gr.


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