art. 014/XX


art. 014/XX

For discharge lamps suitable for COMOPOLIS® PHILIPS®

/XX Length of the leads in centimetres to be defined to be agreed upon with the customer

  • Steatite body
  • Nickel contacts
  • Contact pressing springs made of stainless steel
  • Clamping screw M4
  • Standard connection cable: silicone rubber insulation (max T. 180°C). Length: 30 cm, section 0,75 mm². Other leads available on request.
  • Nominal voltage: 250V
  • Maximum rated pulse voltage: 5 kV
  • Current voltage: 4A
  • Max nominal working temperature: 300°C
  • Impulse withstand category: III
  • Weight: 75 gr.


Lampholder suitable for Class II luminaires if assembled with double insulation leads.
In this case it is necessary to observe the minimum surface and space distance provided for by the EN60598-1-Standard, between the metal part of the lamp neck and any other metal parts accessible from the appliance.


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