art. 028/XX


art. 028/XX

/XX: is the cable length in cm to be defined before the order


Technical data

  • Steatite body and cover
  • Contacts made of Cu Ni Zn
  • Contact pressing springs made of stainless steel
  • Clamping screw M3
  • Standard connection lead: nickel-plated copper conductor, reinforced silicone rubber insulation (max T 180°C), length 25 cm, section 0,75 mm2.


Other types of leads are available on request.

  • Nominal voltage: 750V
  • Max rated pulse voltage: 5KV
  • Nominal current: 2A
  • Max working temperature: 250°C
  • Impulse withstand category: III
  • Weight: 25 gr.


If equipped with cables with double isolation, this lampholder is suitable for Class II devices


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